Snapchat case

Client: / Soa Aids Nederland
When: Dec 2016 – now
Expertise: Snapchat marketing, content creation and advertising
Awards: Winner best Dutch social media page + shortlisted for the Lovie Awards 2017


How does one inform young people in an informal and accessible way about important issues like sexuality? Exactly, by using Snapchat! Snapchat is booming among young people and WeDigital came up with the idea to create two Snapchat accounts for Sense Girls and Sense Boys. Since January 2017 the accounts provide gender-related information, tips and tricks, all with humor and very bold.

The case won the award of Best Dutch Social Media Page 2017!

Best Dutch Social Media Awards Best Page 2017


Teaching youngsters in an impactful way about love, relationships and sex. An objective has been to achieve a minimum of 10,000 views within the first month, so can position itself as the address for all your questions about love, relationships and sex. The challenge was mainly to set up a network from scratch, without Snapchat advertising capabilities.

About is a website funded by the Dutch government and part of Soa Aids Nederland and Rutgers, RIVM (National Institute for Health and Environment) and GGD’s (Public Health Service) are partners of Sense. is an online leader in sexual health for young people between 12 and 25 years.

The approach

With the motto “no one nightstand, but a real relationship” we started the content creation, the snaps are primarily aimed at young people between 15 and 19 years old. The topics range from sex and love to birth control and uncertainties young people are facing. WeDigital devised a plan with a number of clear principles:

  • The Snaps must have correct information, originating from
  • The Snaps should appeal to the target audience and are provided by the youngest members of the WeDigital team.
  • The Snaps should primarily focus on humor and information, in order to encourage youngsters to share the content.
  • The content should be approachable and enhearten to follow the account and ask questions.

Don’t be afraid of new Arenas – Elon Musk

Example: Watch 8 Sense Snapchat Stories in 78 seconds

Snapchat Stories sample

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Snapchat Stories sample

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Relationship tips for young people

Sexquiz linked to YouTube video by Cinemates

Tips for the perfect handjob

Course of the campaign

Both the Boys and Girls- account were launched during a Sense campaign, using online influencers like Britt Scholte (Dutch actress) and Snapchat to amplify each other. WeDigital tested several social media advertising options in order to achieve some excellent conversion. Using some Facebook and Instagram ads, the amount of ad-clicks were exceeded by the amount of new followers! This caused Sense to gain a massive amount of followers for both accounts.
Many screenshots are made and shared with friends via Whatsapp and several other messengers. Partly because of the screenshots and sharing, both accounts are gaining dozens of new followers each day.


A screenshot is worth a 1,000 words. There are at least four stories per week with an average of 6-8 snaps per story. The Snapchat stories have been viewed more than 30,000 times and hundreds of screenshots were taken(… and still counting). Success on social media is for sale in some cases. Campaigns and cases we see regularly were created with a large media budget. Not this one! The above results have been achieved with a media budget of just a few hundred euros. Striking is that more and more personal questions are asked over Snapchat, which happens remarkably less on other social media Sense is using.

Why is this case so special?

  • Innovative way of providing education.
  • Bold content.
  • The perfect example of reaching your target audience in the right way, through the right social network.
  • Strikingly positive results are achieved, creating a successful network with explosive organic growth.
  • More and more questions rise from followers, which can be answered directly through private messages. dares to speak the language of the target audience and is truly teaching important matter, using bold content. Regarding ​Public Communication, Snapchat is interactive and innovative. The objective was exceeded and Sense has decided to keep updating both accounts, providing more information and to expand with a separate account for the LGBT audience.

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